Through a long and serendipitous journey since our last work-in-progress screening at RDOC in Dominican Republic in February, producer Skye Fitzgerald has come on board to help bring the film on its last journey. We have cut it down to 29 minutes, renamed it to Trashborn, and reshaped the story arc a bit over the last three months. This past week, we’ve been been hard at work in Portland, Oregon at Rex Post sweetening the audio, creating a 5.1 surround sound mix, color correcting, creating key art and printing theater posters all in anticipation for our theatrical premiere in Los Angeles. Here’s Russ Gorsline from Rex-Post doing his audio sweetening/mixing magic:

Russ doing his magic!

Russ doing his magic!

But yes, you heard that right. Theatrical premiere. Los Angeles. In a few weeks. Here is Skye and I with our sweet new theatrical posters:


Isabelle & Skye at Rex-Post