Rough Cut Progress

Massive progress on the rough cut! We are hovering at right under 70 minutes.

On the homefront, we’re at the stage to fill out the visuals and start building scenes visually (not just audio-interview-content). It’s overwhelming, but according to my story consultant, she’s never seen anyone shoot a feature length documentary with less than 40 hours of footage at the quality of visuals I made.

Did I mention we officially have DCIFF fiscal sponsorship as well? It’s nice as it allows us to submit to more foundations and grants, and opens a few other doors as well.

I’m currently based in Dubai for another month. It’s been a little nuts watching the news, feeling close and far away to everything happening in the middle east re: revolutions as Dubai is geographically and culturally close, but politically so far away. No protests or issues here.

Over and out,