Successful Campaign! Thank You!

Thanks to each and everyone for your support. I feel totally invincible to finish this film!

This immediate infusion is going to cover a lot of what I need done Right Now to be able to get to the Next Steps.

Because of your support, tomorrow I’m going to New York for a professional story consultancy session as one of my first very important steps to finish the rough cut!

Meanwhile, an important note: I need each and every backer’s address so I can send a little something-something to you. Even if you selected “no reward” please email me your address at

A second important note: if you are inspired by this campaign and would like to start your own, PLEASE EMAIL ME OR CALL ME FIRST so I can walk you through the pros and cons of doing a Kickstarter or other Crowdfunding campaign. It is not as easy as it seems on several levels! Let me help you get to know some of the ropes. I have some issues with Kickstarter and although I’m very grateful to have achieved this position, it’s something to be aware of.

Much love to everyone, and I’ll keep updating you on the progress that you helped create! I attached some pictures: The first is of Chivito, one of the child characters of the film, taking a picture of me taking a picture of him with a disposable camera he found in the dump. The second picture features some of the most adorable neighborhood kids that routinely all work in the dump with their parents…

More to come soon!

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