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Trashborn is a short length documentary which follows seven families of trash divers over four years on a garbage dump in the Dominican Republic, using the dump as a central meeting point of all seven stories. These trash divers build their houses from garbage, eat thrown away scraps, and make pennies by scavenging metal, plastic, cardboard, and glass and yet - they are still able to share their hopes, loves, and dreams.

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Isabelle Carbonell

Director, Cinematographer

Isabelle Carbonell, founder of Izaca Productions LLC, is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who documents social, whimsical, ethnographic, and environmental stories around the world. She has worked with National Geographic, taught at Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar, and otherwise carries her two eyes with her on journeys around the world in search for stories and adventure. Currently she has just finished her first feature "Trashborn” and she is working on her second feature "The Camel Race"  for Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel, among other projects. Though based out of both Washington D.C. and Santa Cruz, CA, she's half-Belgian and half-Uruguayan and her films have been featured in film festivals internationally. She’s currently starting her PhD in Film and Digital Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Isabelle's documentary skills have taken her to countries such as India, Qatar, UAE, Cuba, Mexico, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Oman, and Nicaragua.

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Skye Fitzgerald


Skye Fitzgerald has produced projects focused on human rights and social justice issues since 1998. Along the way he has collaborated or received support from the Sundance Institute, the US Institute of Peace, the State Department and the Paul Robeson Fund, including being named a Fulbright Research Scholar to produce the film Bombhunters. Reviewers have characterized Fitzgerald’s work as “emotional and artful…deserves considerable exposure” (Variety), as “an infuriating study in the ways that power greases the wheels of justice” (LA Weekly) and noted that it “confronts us with injustice” (Voice of America). As a Director of Photography Fitzgerald has lensed work for Dateline NBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, Mercy Corps, Travel Channel, History Channel, Weinstein Company, ABC, MSNBC and Story-Vault. Fitzgerald is presently producing 101 Seconds, a film focused on the gun debate in Oregon.

picture Sarah

Sarah Cannon


Sarah Cannon is a rock-star editor who has been editing for Izaca Productions LLC since September 2011; many shared works between Isabelle and Sarah have since been featured in film festivals, TV programs, and in the DC community art space. Sarah currently resides in San Francisco, California.

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